Sean Tembo resigns from ZCID

Sean Tembo, Edgar Lungu, GIven Lubinda
Sean Tembo, Edgar Lungu, GIven Lubinda

Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) leader Sean Tembo has resigned from the Board of Governors of the Zambia Centre for Inter-Party Dialogue (ZCID).

Mr. Tembo says his decision to resign from the ZCID Board was influenced by the fact that the two key members of ZCID, namely the ruling Patriotic Front and the main opposition UPND, have not only passed a vote of no confidence in ZCID, but have further stripped ZCID of its primary mandate to facilitate inter-party dialogue, and have instead re-assigned that mandate to the church.

And Mr. Tembo has thanked the various political parties under FPP that elected him to sit on the ZCID Board in 2017.

He has further reiterated that he shall always be available to serve the country in any suitable capacity in future, provided such service to the nation does not conflict with his moral standing.