Government to bare cost of changing the constitution

President Edgar Lungu today officiated at the Anglican Eucharist event

Justice Minister Given Lubinda says government has no intentions of prolonging the constitution making process more than is necessary.

Mr. Lubinda says government is fully aware of the costs that come with constitution making process notwithstanding the extended consultation period.

He says government is however willing to bare all the costs in the interest of not leaving anyone behind in the process of amending the Country’s supreme law.

Mr. Lubinda states that government will not on the other hand force any political parties that do not want to take part in the constitution making process.

He says if such political parties continue being unwilling government will leave it to the Zambian people to judge.


  1. It is good will of Government towards its people to BARE the costs as this is a way of accountability and getting the nation informed of the intended expenditure, however Government should also BEAR the cost!!!! A typographical error can misrepresent fact thus those reporting need to be more careful with choice/spelling of words!!! Otherwise give it to us in vernacular!