NDC entices MP, Tutwa Ngulube.

Tutwa Ngulube
Tutwa Ngulube

Lusaka. 09.05.2018.

The National Democratic Congress NDC has been closely following the political battles that pf Kabwe central lawmaker Tutwa Ngulube has been fighting.

Indeed, the strides that comrade Ngulube has put up in fighting for his constituent’s are worthwhile but have largely been misunderstood.

Comrade Ngulube is a vibrant, straight forward, frank and intelligent political figure who has been forsaken by the system for merely being honest and above board.

As NDC, we note with envy that comrade Ngulube is among the very few open Zambian MPs fighting and talking for the poor and down trodden.

As NDC, we invite progressive minds and comrades such as Mr. Ngulube to consider joining forces with the NDC.

The NDC believes that the crusade that comrade Ngulube has started, to speak on and defend his people has largely been misunderstood.

As NDC, we welcome comrade Ngulube and agree with him that the battle to fight, speak for and raise issues surrounding the marginalized and poor in society is now.

Comrade Ngulube should make a firm decision and search his conscious on why he is a victim of political persecution in his own party the pf.

Its not too late for comrade Ngulube to come out now. Time is actually now. The NDC is a very progressive and accommodating political grouping. We are ready to work and embrace comrade Ngulube.

We have noticed that comrade Ngulube has rare courage and has been fighting a lone and rough political battle to ensure that development is taken to Kabwe.

And the concerns he is raising are very genuine and valid.

Kabwe Town is still facing some of the worse economic doldrums and woos that have left our people in total desperation.

We feel fighting pf from within won’t work for comrade Ngulube.

He needs to refocus his energies, be brave and join other militant comrades such as the NDC to articulate his desires and aspiration.

Progressive minds such as Mr. Ngulube should consider joining the revolution to emancipate this country that has been taken hostage by a few selfish individuals.

We find it unacceptable that comrade Ngulube was yesterday treated like a common criminal after he was arrested by state police.

This is a very Honorable parliamentarian for heavens sake.

Our olive branch is further extended to other pf lawmakers who for one reason or the other feel that the agenda of the governing party has been hijacked.

In all what comrade Ngulube is passing through, we are together and this fight and send our solidarity.

Issued by: Emmanuel Malite. NDC Media Director.


  1. Ngulube is fighting the bad system because it is starving him. He appears to frustrated, more so that he single handily fraudulently ushered Lungu into PF presidency! Clearly he cherishes a very senior position in Government!