UN dismisses allegations against Resident Coordinator, Janet Rogan


United Nations, Secretary General António Guterres has dismissed complaints and allegations raised against Janet Rogan in Zambia.

United Nations has dismissed allegations against UN Zambia’s Resident Coordinator, Janet Rogan.

Fahran Haw, Spokesperson for the United Nations Secretary General says the allegations against Janet were not founded, ill-informed and were misdirected.

He said Janet Rogan will continue to lead the United Nations team in Zambia.

The UN also dismissed allegations that Rogan withheld an election outcome report and the audit of the voters role.

“In response to questions about allegations against the UN Resident Coordinator in Zambia, Janet Rogan, the Spokesman emphasized that the UN Country Team and the Resident Coordinator will continue to be dedicated and impartial partners of the Zambian people”.

“One allegation has been that the Resident Coordinator had held back on the issuance of the so-called Conflict Structure Vulnerabilities report.”

“That document is a report of the Election Commission of Zambia, so the Resident Coordinator is not in a position to withhold it.There were also allegations that UNDP contract consultants audited the voters’ roll.”

“These allegations were raised, and refuted, previously. In fact, the consultants in question were hired by the Electoral Commission of Zambia, and not by UNDP.”


  1. I did have serious reservations at HH and UPND ill-informed reaction to a report which had nothing to do with election results. One wonders if the UPND leadership did in fact read that infamous Conflict Structural Vulnerability Assessment Report. Cause if they had, they would’ve realised just how ridiculous the allegations sounded.

    Even the email allegedly leaked was equally misunderstood and taken out of complete context and we cannot wonder more that the University of Pretoria distancing itself from the letter issued by the Prof Michelo Hasungule to strengthen the complaint by UPND in what now seems was a purely partisan and emotional reaction on baseless demands by UPND cadres whom he termed Zambians of all walks of life.

    I urge, Zambians not to support everything your leaders say just because you voted for them. You only voted for something about these leaders and not everything. Further, get into the culture of reading for yourselves and verifying or make a personal informed decision tHan to support even misleading actions by your leaders.