President Edgar Chagwa Lungu share alight moment with Commerce deputy minister Miles Sampa (r) at Chawama Basic school on March 10,2015, where he witnessed the filling in of nomination papers of Chawama Constituency PF Parliamentary Candidate Lawrence Sichalwe for Chawama Constituency by Elections Slated for April 14 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA / State House
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu share alight moment with then Commerce deputy minister Miles Sampa

THOSE calling for a commission of inquiry on the nationality of President Edgar Lungu are misplaced as it is a sheer waste of time, says former Matero Member of Parliament and Deputy Commerce Minister Hon Miles Sampa.

Mr Sampa said National Democratic Congress Secretary General Mwenya Musenge was off side in calling for a probe into the nationality of President Lungu when they should be working at party mobilization to build numbers in their party.

He said the Republican Constitution does not demand that a person must have both parents born in Zambia to be President, a clause that was inserted in the previous constitution to eliminate first President Dr Kenneth Kaunda.

“The current constitution only says one should be a Zambian and by definition and according to the Supreme Court ruling, anyone found in Zambia at independence in 1964 is a bonafide,” Zambian.

“The President may even be more Zambian by any definition compared to those questioning like Mwenya Musenge who is rumored to be Congolese,” he said.

Mr Sampa was commenting on insinuations by NDC’s Mwenya Musange that President Lungu was not qualified to be Head of State as he hailed from a nearby country.

He explained that all this was an indication the opposition party was running out of ideas to keep above the waters, and had resorted to mudslinging.

The former Parliamentarian has accused the opposition NDC of failing to come up with serious mobilization programmes to grow their party, hence their move to try and destabilize the PF leadership.

“If they were serious, they should have been mobilizing countrywide just as the PF is doing.

“PF is growing daily while the NDC bubble is bursting as we saw with the latest resignation of their Lusaka Province Chairman Goodson Banda who rejoined PF,” he said.

The ruling PF has embarked on an unprecedented countrywide mobilization programme for party membership recruitment that continues to grow the party while the NDC continued to concentrate on trivial issues such as the “…the nationality of the President when he has been okayed by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) on two occasions, NDC will soon become a ‘nashala neka’ party if not already”.