PF cadres launch attack against UPND President Hakainde Hichilema
PF cadres launch attack against UPND President Hakainde Hichilema

By Choma Daily News

United Party for National Development (UPND) Deputy Secretary General for politics Patrick Mucheleka has charged that the Patriotic Front (PF) have been provocative and causing political violence on several occasions.

Speaking when he featured on Panafrican Radio this morning, Mr Mucheleka who is also former Lubansenshi Member of Parliament says the UPND is simply defending itself when attacked.

Mr Mucheleka says the United Nations(UN) in the Rwanda genocide was blamed for the escalated violence against certain ethnic groups.

He says the UN country representative Janet Rogan is a danger to Zambia’s democracy.

Mr Mucheleka has accused Ms Rogan of hiding the UN report on violence in Zambia on the 2016 elections,arbitrary arrests of those with dissenting views, abuse of human rights by Edgar Lungu and the mulpractice that took place during the elections.

He says Ms Rogan is a danger to Zambia’s peace.

“We know that she is aligned to PF and that is the reason why she refused to meet the UPND leadership.

“Well meaning Zambians know that Janet Rogan is not fit to be in this country to represent the UN.She is messing up the good image of the UN .Worse still, she is dividing us further by her dark corner meetings with PF.”Mr Mucheleka has said.

“leaked mails suggesting that Ms Rogan wrote the New York office stating that president Hichilema was going to be written off from Zambia’s political landscape.We are aware that Janet Rogan is also trying to interfere with the dialogue process through her dark corner meetings with PF , by pushing for certain organizations to lead the dialogue process.Rogan is a source of serious political unrest”.

“PF is not interested in meaningful dialogue , and where was Janet Rogan when UPND members were facing so many arrests for no reason?”

“And when asked as to why the UPND moved the impeachment motion when they do not recognize president Edgar Lungu , Mr Mucheleka said the UPND is a party that follows the law and the legislature is a statutory body which allows for such motions.One of the reasons we are advancing is to impeach a president who has breached the law.We cannot keep quiet and allow Edgar Lungu to continue breaching the laws.”

He says there is too much corruption under Edgar Lungu and that is why they do not even want to have Edgar Lungu impeached.

“Mayo ba Inonge Wina yambeni ukuipekenya ukusenda icifulo cabu kateka, naba PF bambi nabatweba ukutila balefwaya aleya…(Ms Inonge Wina start preparing yourself to take over leasership after inpeachment.We have been informed by our colleagues from PF that they are equally ready for a change.”)

“I want to appeal to PF, UPND and all of us that, can we dialogue.We need to promote unity in diversity….”


  1. I am not apf supporter.I left it when baSata died,but Mucheleka is not being honest. upAndOWN fought mmd when mmd was in power.its leaders even boastedvof formulating the theory of mapatizya formulae.PF was not there. Fimo ngamulenda mulenda ifishinka.Bantustan for life was initiated by this tripartite party. Mucheleka was old enough to know this.Let’s get into government leaderships through the backdoor by fanning political manipulation