Nevers Mumba returned to Mwembeshi Prison


The ruling in the appeal and bail application, for Dr Nevers Mumba THursday afternoon did not happen as scheduled. This is because magistrate Simusamba was reported to be in Ndola by his assistants even though Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) has reported that he is unwell. We wonder who is telling the truth and who is telling lies.

This is a very serious matter given that it is lies purported to have been told to an officer or officers at ZNBC that have led to the imprisonment of Dr Mumba. Either the judiciary is lying or ZNBC is practising what they have become known for. Between the officers of these 2 institutions, one set is telling lies. We wonder why? Anyhow, how can officers who don’t have regard for the truth be believed to have told the truth which could lead to the imprisonment of an innocent man.

At the center of all these lies are the rights of Dr Mumba which have been curtailed and are being infringed upon without regard. What happened to public decorum and integrity. Why did Magistrate Simusamba not keep his word? Was he unwell or is he out of town? Either way, why were the applicant and his lawyers kept uninformed about the turn of events?

What about the next in line, either up or down to magistrate Simusamba. Why would they not step in for him? Can someone’s rights just be tossed because one is in Ndola or is unwell? Is there no fall back system within the Judiciary?

We are complaining openly here because our President is being treated unfairly. Magistrate Simusamba granted leave to appeal, now what is the hold up? This is a baillable situation if the convict chooses to appeal as Dr Mumba has done. When due process has been satisfied why should the rights of people be trampled on. We want answers.

In the meantime, Dr Mumba has been returned to Mwembeshi to spend the weekend there despite him exceeding his right to appeal. Remember that he is only allowed ten (10) visitors on Sunday.

Thank you all who keep showing great and unflinching support to Dr Mumba. We shall keep you informed on when the ruling will be delivered.

The dawn of a better day, when all of us shall stand equal before our law is certainly coming.