Chama Fumba , Pilato
Chama Fumba alias Pilato - Photo credit Zambia Daily Mail


Every crisis presents good men and women with an opportunity to be good. When things begin to fall, the good men and women prove their relevance by their contribution in holding up the pieces.

The happenings around Hon. Chishimba Kambwili must provoke the good men and our women amongst us to speak up and defend the principles of justice and sanctity of life. It is true Dr. Kambwili has medical problems and we know this did not start now so it is very evil of anyone to subject another human being to that treatment. The value of life is not in the name of a political party which one supports or belongs to. For this reason the sanctity of life must be protected and defended regardless of which political party one supports. Trying to punish or deal with Hon. Kambwili even in his illness is evil and the good men and women must stand up not for Dr. Kambwili but for the life that we all share.
I feel sorry for President Lungu and those around him because the seeds they are sowing will have to be harvested at some point. This is how life works, we always reap what we sow. If they are thinking that they will only be made to account for their actions when PF leaves power then they are being naive and maybe i must enlighten them a bit.

It didnt take the MMD to leave government for Dr. Chiluba to account for the things he did as a President.
The people that celebrated Mr. Wynter Kabimba’s fall were the same PF that celebrated his power.

YES the people that are persecuting and humiliating a diabetic patient today are not the UPND or MMD but the same party that he worked hard for and helped to form. What makes President Lungu or any of his people to think that they will only pay for their actions when they leave power?

What we learn from history is that it repeats itself when we refuse to learn from it. It will not take the PF to leave government for them to account for their actions. As long as the seeds have been planted, the day to harvest is coming.
I believe in the uncompromised justice for all. Dr. Kambwili is ready to go to court and be tried so the responsibility of the government is to protect his life and his rights and even to accord him a fair trial. What we are seeing is nothing but insecure men trying to prove a point instead of safeguarding life above pettiness.

So me FUMBA CHAMA, is interested in seeing Dr. Kambwili in court and allow him a fair trial but am more interested in making sure that he is treated as innocent and be accorded the dignity to go to a good hospital until he is found guilty. Trying to humiliate him with his illness is a serious mistake that will cost the current leadership so dearly. Dr. Kambwili is hypertensive and this is the same health problem that President Lungu confessed that he has so what the President is doing to hon. Kambwili is a prediction of what should happen to him when his time comes.

Mr. President, when the game of chess is over the pawns, queens and kings all get thrown in the same box.


  1. Pilato, every time you open your mouth, you talk sense compared to Koswe, who doesn’t reason at all. His time is coming where he will scarpper like a dog

  2. Just remembered his name is an initial,for those dat don’t understand him “People In Lyrical Arena Taking Over=PILATO”