UPND Members of Parliament have expressed shock at the manner the impeachment motion has shaken the Patriotic Front Government.

Whip of the opposition Garry Nkombo said all law abiding citizens should support the impeachment motion.

Hon Nkombo said this when he addressed journalists at the Party Secretariat this morning.

“We did not think that the Patriotic Front would be so unsettled about a matter which is squarely in our legal framework, initially the PF themselves said they were not moved by the notice of motion but we have heard running commentaries trying to misguide the people of Zambia” said Hon Nkombo.

He said utterences by Sunday Chanda that the document can be cited for fraud because there was no way Hon Chishimba Kambwili could have signed because he was in custody is an indicator of how uncomfortable and stressed PF has become.

“ I want to put it on record that Hon Kabwili signed the document and a letter dated 23rd March was written to the speaker,” said Hon Nkombo.

He said in the case of Hon Jack Mwiimbu who was in Accra Ghana, he authourised Hon Nkombo to use the template of his signature and invited the police if they so wish to investigate the matter.

“ It is not for Edgar Chagwa Lungu to deal with the issue of duplication of signatures but to deal with the grounds of impeachment which are clear and in public dormain.” said Hon Nkombo.

He said it is surprising that the PF are insisting on numbers leaving out the grounds of the impeachment and also dubbing the motion dead yet panicking.

“Whether the results of the votes comes through or not our anticipation is that come tommorow with the numbers that we have galvanised including those from PF we shall have a new President who is Inonge Wina as provided for in the constitution of Zambia.”

Hon Nkombo said the voice of the Zambian people is clear and tommorow the Zambian people will know who the PF Members of Parliament represent in the house.

Meanwhile Hon Nkombo said UPND MP’s have also written to the Speaker of the National Assembly asking him to recuse himself tommorow that he does not sit to chair because at the time the President was informed on the 19th August that there shall be a Presidential Petition that was successfully lodged he should have handed over power to the speaker Dr Matibini .

“ In our view both of them are facing the same count ,one refusing to handover power and the other one failing to take over power and because of that we feel Dr Matibini is gentleman enough to know that he cannot be a judge and referee in own case.”.



  1. Why do we elect lawmakers who deliberately choose to ignore or fail to understand provisions in the law of the land just to respond to their whims or that of an individual than love and loyalty for country? The trend of pivoting facts defines the shallowness of understanding demanded by critical issues! Nkombo (UPND) is right to demand for respect and regard to the rule of law and no single person being above it!