Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) sets 7th April for kuomboka Ceremony.


The Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) has officially announced 7th April as the date of this year’s kuomboka Ceremony.
Ngambela (Nyambe Mwenda ) announced the date yesterday in Limulunga Royal village.
This years kuomboka ceremony will be marvelous .
For those who are planning to enjoy and have a full package of excitement and joyful kuomboka traditional ceremony from the great people of Barotse kingdom, this is the time to plan nicely and this is a well detailed program for you.
Thank us after this.
2nd April, On Monday this will be the very interesting day as the start a week with people arriving in the kingdom.
Tuesday 3rd April, the Barotse land-rover rally will be held with much of activities and performances in both Mongu and Limulunga Royal village.
BBC world, CNN, France24 will be beaming these activities live for the first time.
Wednesday 4th April, another exciting day to enjoy as they will be a marathon rally from Mutuwambwa up Limulunga Royal village and back to Mongu’s Stadium, where local artists, cultural groups and many more activities will be performed.
Marathon winners will be given the prizes and medals.
Thursday 5th April, people will be resting during day as majority of Lozi speaking people will be trekking to Barotseland together with many more tourists.
20:00hrs his Majesty the Litunga Lubosi Imwiko II, the King of Barotseland will sounding the Maoma Royal War drums, calling for every Mulozi, wherever you are to run and register himself for the anticipated ceremony as a paddler. About two hours of beating the Maoma drums.
Friday 6th April,
03:00hrs, Senior Induna Mukubesa, Induna Sikota Mutumwa will sound the Maoma for the second and finally time in Lealui Royal village calling for Real men to go to Lealui and be registered.
This is the best time for those Lozi young men who want to know on how to drum up the the Maoma drums. The indunas normally teach young boys until 07:00hrs.
08:00hrs; registering process starts on to Induna Sikota Mutumwa.
10:00hrs another Water canoe rally will be held from Lealui Royal village to Mongu’s Maunyamo harbor about 26km.
A lot of activities will be happening again, musicians, makishi dances and winning medals and bonuses.
19:00hrs; Musicians, live band show music, and comedians will be performing across Limulunga and Mongu clubs. While majority of the people will be travelling in the night just to Atleast reach either early morning or before the actual kuomboka day.
Saturday 7th April, the Actual Kuomboka ceremony day.
04:00hrs; Lishomwa la shungela , ba ndamisa mwa limbetelo ma mbeti until 05hrs, singing the sinkoya songs praising the King.
07:00hrs arrival of the Guest of honor , dignitaries, people of all walks of life in Lealui Royal village.
08:00hrs Mwenduko Royal drum sounded fa Namoo, informing people that his majesty he is leaving to Limulunga Royal village and won’t sleep In the palace.
08:30hrs; Royal drums, tubyana, Maoma taken to the Nayuma Royal harbor, while paddlers getting ready for the journey.
His majesty the Litunga walks majestically to the Harbor with his Guest honor.
09:20hrs; The Ngambela will speak and address the people about the journey and wellbeing of the Litunga and kingdom.
10:00hrs; journey starts, heading to Lumulunga Royal village about 22km, of which it will take like 6 to 7 hours to reach.
But along the journey they is so much activities taking place, including eating, dancing , singing and all that noise hahah
17:00hrs; arrival of the Litunga.
17:10hrs Maoma drums beaten to inform the arrival of his majesty.
17:40hrs his Majesty the King of Barotseland walks majestically from Nayum Royal harbor to the Namoo mwa Lutatai fa Kuta.
18:00hrs Lishomwa dance is played to the paddlers to dance and sing for their role they played to protect the King, and safely landed in the capital hill.
18:40hrs the Speech from the Ngambela
19:00hrs the speech from the Guest of honor
19:10hrs his majesty the Litunga walks to the palace.
20:30hrs His majesty sounds the Maoma Royal drum to inform his subjects that he has arrived safely and health.
Sunday 08th April,
03:00hrs Maoma drums beaten for the last time until 06hrs.
06:00hrs Ngamalume ya shumeka sha, those who want to learn on how to dance it’s their time sha until 08hrs.
09:00hrs church interdimination service conducted at the Kuta, with the all churches in Limulunga Royal village.
11:30hrs ends the service
12-13hrs lunch
13:00hrs cultural dances, makishi dances performs at the Kuta
15:00hrs arrival of his majesty the Litunga
15:10hrs cultural dances, schools groups, village dancers, makishi dance continues to show case their skills
16:40hrs Ngomalume inamate for Men only will be drummed up.
All Barotse men dressed in traditional attire calls siziba with red barrets are welcome to dance ( If you come In trouser or shirt you will be wiped out ).
17:30hrs Litunga goes inside the Palace.
18:00hrs Liwale traditional dance sounded it’s for women only. Inside the palace. The Litunga sits comfortably watching women dancing , including his children , wives and Queen of Barotseland showing their skills. For an hour to 30minutes only.
Monday 09th April,
04:00hrs Mambeti ba andamisa upto 06hrs
07:00hrs Liwale women’s traditional dance sounded fa Kuta, all those who want to learn on how to dance , this is they time. Only for 3hours.
10:00hrs cultural, schools, villages, makishi dances performs
12-13hrs lunch
13:30hrs continuous of the activities
14:30hrs his majesty the Litunga arrives fa Namoo
14:40hrs cultural groups, dramas, school dance cultural, villages dances, makishi show case their skills to the public.
16:00hrs Liwale woman traditional dance hits up, all women, girls, ladies dressed in traditional attire called Musisi ba-shun’a nikuhata Liwale.
The Litunga watches and women’s shows their skills.
18:00hrs his majesty leaves fa Namoo
Tuesday 10th April;
11:00hrs: Traditional group dances opens the day.
12-13hrs lunch
14:00hrs all cultural groups, schools groups, villages, makishi performs
16:00hrs; Lilombola dance for mushuwa mbunda men hits up lead by mr Simalumba.
Kayowe dances, etc all of them performed.
17:00hrs; the Guest Speaker informs the people that seli maungula Ngoma sha. And invites the Ngambela to address people and the entire Kingdom
17:20hrs; traditional culturals, school, etc given awards for according to their performances.
Money, balls, football jerseys, boots, cattles, books and other times given out.
18:00hrs: his majesty the Litunga of Barotseland leaves the Namoo.
Kwa maiba fa Namoo
END of the Programme!