Bowman Lusambo to pull down billboard erected in his honor.


Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo to pull down billboard erected in his honor.
People have taken to social mocking the minister for a billboard erected at the high court grounds.
However the minister says he has no hand in putting up the billboard but a private printing company did.
Here is the full posting

It has come to my attention that a billboard has been erected on some street of Lusaka City welcoming me to the capital city following my transfer as Provincial Minister.

I wish to state that I or any of my supporters DID NOT put up the said billboard. My investigations have shown that a named advertising company acting on its own volition decided to put up the billboard. The company also met all the costs associated with the undertaking.

I am aware that the same company is also behind a number of billboards including the one for His Excellency President Edgar Lungu and Finance Minister Hon. Margaret Mwanakatwe and several other political leaders. I therefore wish to sincerely thank the company for the initiative to welcome me to Lusaka by placing the billboard. However, I wish to announce that I have since directed the company to pull down the billboard.

This is in no way meant to embarrass the company but simply correcting an impression that maybe falsely created.

I further wish to state that as a vibrant, popular and well known political leader, I believe that I do not need billboards to advertise myself. The work that I do to serve the people of Zambia will continue to speak for itself.

I wish to reiterate that my office remains open to working with innovative business houses and my decision to ask the company to pull down the billboard should not in anyway frustrate or demoralize the company.

In my political journey, i have come to know that there are many enemies against my progress, the message is will not back down from any political challenge because I know that my destiny lies firmly in the hands of God, Almighty.