The new Zambia is Possible – Pilato

Police arrest Pilato, Laura Miti

We are a country of young people therefore every fight we put up today for a better future is justifiable. Because we are a population for today and tomorrow it is our responsibility to create a future we will be happy with both for ourselves and our children. It is every young person’s resposibility to promote ideas that are of value to the future of our country and people. This is not a political struggle therefore political parties are nothing but tools but we should never let the tools overtake our shared values and beliefs of an ideal society.

I keep dreaming of a great Zambia where;

1. Education will never be perceived as a cost to the state but as a social investment. A Zambia where education will not just be a ritual that one has to send his children to school because it is expected of them to do so but as an act of mind development. To prepare our people for even a greater future that awaits them. To help my people understand the enviroment they live in and how the enviroment relates to their behaviour. A true education that empowers them to create opportunities for themselves and of the people of the world. I believe Zambians are strong and capable of greatness assigned to humanity therefore quality education would make them competitive worldwide. I would like to see my people sharing ideas to the world…. This is the education i cry and dream for my people. I am not a politician but i deserve to belong to a country of great minds so it is my duty and responsibility to fight and contribute to its creation.

With an educated population, foreign investors will not have the option to import man power. Our education system should be able to produce usable skills to work effectively in our industries. Investors should have confidence in our graduates. When quality education is expensive and inaccessible, the country will only produce cheap labour and small stunted businesses. A new Zambia is very much possible and education is at the core of it.

2. Healthcare is very affordable for everyone and adequately equipped hospitals. This is very important because a healthy state is a wealthy one. We can not have a health sector that is dependent on the foreign donors but the wage bill for government workers on local resources. I dream of a new Zambia where the health of its people will be the responsibility of its government, where every Zambian will be entitled to medical attention same as the one accorded to the President and his ministers simply because medical doctors attend to the life of people and not the offices that people hold. Because I believe that life is equal, i dream of a nation where its not a job one holds that will determine the type of attention or type of a hospital will attend. I believe that government hospitals should not have sections based on the people’s social status. A government that is funded by the public cannot have high cost and lower cost therefore in the New Zambia, i dream of a competitive and highly equipped hosiptals for the public and even a more sophisticated private hospitals for the wealthy people amongst us.

3. Agriculture would be the economy driver. This is very important because anyone feeds you can control you. I believe that in the New Zambia, we will be responsible for what we will eat as a people. I believe that if people can produce their own food, then they will have the power to choose their food.

This is not a political dream, this is my dream to belong to a country that celebrates sovereignty not only in speeches but in the life lived. Above all, my cry for quality education is everything because an educated population will know how to avoid certain diseases. An educated population will appreciate and utilise any infrastructural development. The government in return will reduce costs on curing diseases that mainly come from ignorance. Diseases like Cholera would be avoided because people would know the dangers of living in surroundings that are not hygienic. That knowledge alone would prompt them to take care of their places of work and stay.
An educated population also would mean a wide tax base for the state. A government can not grow its economy by taxing its small population because that may lead to a rise in commodity prices which may lead to suffocating the working class. Once the working class is stressed economically, the investors and other business will have to put up measures to keep them afloat whilst meeting the demands of their workforce. These measures may be reduced man power so that those with jobs can have a wage worth taking home even after the taxes. But an educated population is capable of creating opportunities even outside formal employment. I am not an economist but just an artist who would love to belong to a country of great people economically.

The greatest investment for my country would be an investment in its people. An investment in education is an investment in national integrity and growth. I do not wish to be President or political figure for my country, i just want to belong to a country that offers opportunities to its people to become great. I want to see my people contributing to development of humanity. This is why i cry, this why i fight, this is why i run.

The new Zambia is Possible