PRESIDENT Edgar Chagwa Lungu has come to the aid of marketers in Mpatamatu in Roan constituency in Luanshya by drilling them a borehole.

Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda was at hand to commission the drilling of the borehole.

The Luanshya Municipal Council constructed the Mpatamatu market toilet using funds from the central government, but they have not been operational due to lack of water supply.

We the people of Luanshya are so pleased and humbled by the gesture by His Excellency President Edgar Lungu for giving us these boreholes. The President gave us more than four boreholes in Luanshya to help in needy areas. Two boreholes were put at fisenge and Baluba Markets. And so today, we are here to drill one at this toilet here in mpatamato . The toilet was built under the Capital project of the Ministry of Local Government through the Luanshya Municipal Council.

This is what we are doing for our people here in Luanshya. The local authority has built three of these modern toilets at the cost of K1.5 million. One in Roan the other in town at Zaone . This is why it was easy for us, when dealing with the issue of street vending. We have a lot of market spaces. Now that we have water at this toilet, it will easy the challenges of our people. l just want to appeal against vandalism. Our people should take care of this facility it for the all community.

The Luanshya mayor was accompanied by Mpongwe businessman Emmanuel Kasambo.

Three weeks ago, President Edgar Lungu while on his working visit to the Copperbelt and donated boreholes to Copperbelt.

And a vocal Luanshya citizen Timothy Kambilima said the gesture by President Lungu shows that he cares for the people of Roan and Luanshya in particular.

We have suffered as residents and people who use this market. We have this nice market but the issue is toilets. Now that water has come, we will have better facilities. These are modern class toilets which can not be turned into a white elephant. We, as citizens are happy with what President Lungu has done. We would also like to thank the Mayor of Luanshya, Mr Nathan Chanda for making sure that you lobby for the borehole.

We now feel that we are part of the governance system. This is how it should be. This is the development we want to see. This is the only way that we can address the issues of water borne diseases.