Thursday, 1st March, 2018

GOVERNMENT through the Ministry of Home Affairs has announced the arrest of one suspect believed to be connected to the suspected ritual killings in Lusaka.

Speaking this Afternoon when He gave a Ministerial statement to Parliament Home Affairs Minister Hon. Stephen Kampyongo said so far 7 (seven) cases have been reported to the Zambia Police between October 21st 2017 to February 24th 2018.

“The first suspected ritual killing was reported to the Zambia Police services between October 21st, 2017 and February 24th, 2018 and a total of 7 cases were reported to the Zambia Police Services and all the the victims have been male between the ages 25 and 40years” he said.

He however noted that all the victims who were discovered had their chests ripped open with some internal body parts missing.

The Minister further updated the house that the Zambia Police had processed the crime scenes and preliminary findings suggest that the assailants behind threesome killings used the same methods of killing and could be the same group.

He said the Zambia Police has since instituted investigations which have so far resulted in the arrest of one suspect.

Furthermore, Hon. Kampyongo announced that on the 24 th of February a special investigative unit from the Zambia Police with the help of the suspect recovered suspected cooked human internal organs.

“By 24th February, 2018 the Zambia Police investigation team had with the help of the suspect recovered suspected cooked Human Heart and Liver” he said

He said the Suspect later lead the Police team to the recovery of ears and Private parts of which has been submitted to the forensic laboratory for examination.

However, Home Affairs Minister commended the Zambia Police Service,for the Headways being made in the on-going investigations to ensure that the purpetrators of these grumsomes murders are brought to book.

He also applauded the Matero Constituency Kapwepwe Ward Councillor Cllr Salubusa for the great initiative of “KNOW YOUR NEIGHBOUR” which is supplementing the efforts if the Zambia Police Service in community sensitization and crime control.