Parts of Lundazi district affected by army worms


Over 500 hectors in different parts of Lundazi district have been affected by army worms.

This has affected about 6,300 farmers from the time the army worms broke out last year.

Lundazi district agriculture coordinating officer, Philemon Lungu, confirmed this to Breeze News this morning.

Mr. Lungu says it has not been easy for his office to control the pest from spreading to more areas due to the unavailability of funds for government to purchase chemicals.

He says the district has so far received 300 liters of chemicals to distribute to farmers whose fields have affected.

Mr. Lungu explained that due to insufficient chemicals, only farmers, who are not under the Farmers Input Support Program, FISP, will be given the chemicals for free.

He added that those under FISP program can redeem the chemical using the E-voucher cards.

Mr. Lungu further urged farmers across the district to be on the lookout for army worms and report any suspicions so that measures can be put in place to control any further spread.