Lands Minister jean kapata should resign over mukula logs

Mukula tree

Lands Minister jean kapata should consider relinquishing her Ministerial position on moral grounds.

As National Democratic Congress NDC we have misgivings on how Ms kapata is running her office.

The way Ms kapata has handled the saga surrounding the export of illegally harvested mukula logs is suspicious.

As NDC, we have no doubt that the entire sale of the logs is wrapped with corruption.

On Tuesday, the land’s Minister told Parliament that ZAFFICO was selling the mukula logs at 600 united States dollars per tonne.

However, the market value for mukula on the international market is 2500 U.S dollars per tonne.

As NDC we are convinced that graft has marred this whole process and the lands Minister is fully aware of these skirmishes to rob the people of Zambia of their wealth.

We urge investigative wings to take keen interest in this whole fiasco.

Secondly, the NDC is shocked that proceeds from the sale of mukula were diverted to revamp Kawambwa Tea company.

Ordinarily, the monies from the mukula logs should have first been deposited in the treasury before any authorization on the expending of the money was to be undertaken.

By law, the proceeds from Corruption logs is supposed to be deposited into government account control 99.

All these are issues that will raise serious audit queries.

The best Ms kapata can do, is to simply vacate office.

Ms. Kapata has no reason to hold on to office and continue justifying a wrong.

It is a joke that Zambia as at December last year raised k 75,350,400 from the sale of mukula logs.

As NDC, we are fully aware that the illicit trade of mukula has now reached state house.

It is high time the Drug Enforcement Commission DEC Anti money laundering unit and the Anti Corruption Commission ACC swiftly moved in and probed ZAFFICO.

As NDC we want to know who authorized the decision to have mukula proceeds diverted to kawambwa tea without following the law.

Was it cabinet or President Edgar Lungu?

In the wake of all this mess surrounding the sale of mukula logs, the best the Minister of lands can do is honorably leave office.

Ms. Kapata has vehemently failed to run this Ministry and the whole episode has been worsened by the failure to manage the export, harvesting and sale of the mukula logs.

Monies from the sale of mukula logs belong to the people of Zambia.

Issued by: Mwenya Musenge. NDC Secretary General.