Decent men leave whilst the crowd is still clapping – Kambwili


When you are willing to go to any lengths to cling on to the presidency. Decent men leave whilst the crowd is still clapping, Mr President we are being denied police permits wherever we want to convene and execute our Democratic right.

Despite us notifying the police our permits are denied, despite the PF successfully holding meetings in the same districts and provinces we apply to hold, we are still denied our Democratic right.

Mr President slow down and do not lose yourself at the helm of power, these exercise books and all sorts of product branding doesn’t hold water anymore. Don’t be scared of a challenge, we can only do better when we are challenged.

No matter how many times our permits are denied Mr President we will still grow NDC and come out on top. Whether the police chose to deliberately deny our permits in preference for the PF the damage has already been done.

For as long as you have wronged the poor, God will not allow you to continue plundering public resources.

Now this is what you call dirty irrelevant tactics aimed at corrupting the minds of citizens.