National Assembly
President Lungu (

“Just last week, Presidential spokesperson Amos Chanda told the press and the country as a whole that state house is aware of an impeachment motion being hatched by some members of the opposition.”~ HON. MUSENGE

The Zambian parliamentary will today resume sitting after a two months break.

As usual, various bills are expected to be introduced to the house.

As a matter of interest, we as the National Democratic Congress NDC are eagerly waiting to see how debate on the Access to Information Bill ATM will be dissected.

The ATI bill is critical not only to the growth and promotion of the media industry in our country but off course to the preservance of democracy and good governance.

As NDC, we are aware that the ATI bill has been on the shelves for a very long time now.

The enactment of this bill will to a larger extent assist in fighting corruption in the country.

We shall eager wait to see how our gallant parliamentarians will debate on issue’s surrounding the gross abrogation and violation of the Republican constitution by President Edgar lungu.

Article 108 is very clear on this matter is explicitly clear.

We have confidence and trust that the house of representatives will seriously look into this article as they debate various bills.

Just last week, Presidential spokesperson Amos Chanda told the press and the country as a whole that state house is aware of an impeachment motion being hatched by some members of the opposition.

Chanda in his usual fashion went on to despise those calling for such a motion to be moved.

As NDC, we have seriously reflected on this article and we have no doubt that if indeed such a bill is or was to be introduced, then it can suffice.

Article 108 of the Constitution of Zambia prescribes the grounds under which the President of Zambia can be impeached.

According to the Constitution, there are ONLY THREE grounds under which a Head of State can be impeached.

A President can only be impeached on the following grounds:

1. If he has violated the provisions of the Republican Constitution or other law.

2. If he has committed a crime under international law and

3. If he has committed gross misconduct.

It is not a secret that Lungu has committed a series of gross misconducts owing to his bad governance style and the list is endless.

Talk about the procurement of the infamous fire tenders.

Talk about the presidents public pronouncements centred supporting and encouraging corruption.

Talk about the corruption scandal centred on export of mukula logs. The purchase of ambulances at astronomical costs.

All these are clear cut scandals amounting to gross misconduct.

Look at the shoddy deals surrounding the construction of the Lusaka to Ndola dual carriage way at a cost if over one point two billion united States dollars. This road is arguably the most expensive highway in Africa.

One does not need to be a space scientist to prove that all this is corruption.

Look at the construction of the new Ndola international airport that will cost government over four hundred million U.S dollars when a similar facility costs half the price in Russia

Worst still, Lungu has committed gross misconducts through the persecution of opposition political opponents on framed up charges.

The leader of the opposition upnd is a victim of lungus terror.

Well meaning civil society groupings are always at the mercy of the state controlled police force.

Opposition political parties in Zambia can not hold public gatherings anymore.

Just a week ago, the NDC was blocked from meeting their general members in chipata. Police and Pf cadres blocked roads and couldn’t allow us to conduct business freely in our own country.

This is the worst form of intimidation and dictatorship.

It is clear that as the custodian of the Republican constitution, Lungu has clearly failed to defend and protect the aspiration of the Republic of Zambia.

We have no doubt that our honorable lawmakers will critically address these issues.

As NDC we keenly await to see what will be deliberated in Parliament.

We as NDC have confidence in our legislative system.

We have confidence in our lawmakers because they will freely debate these issues taking into consideration the aspirations of the Zambian people who they represent.

This sitting of parliament will indeed be interesting.

Issued by: Mwenya Musenge. NDC Secretary General.