We support Chinese investment, but against illicit and inimical activities – Musenge

Mwenya Musenge
Mwenya Musenge

The National Democratic Congress NDC wishes to put it on record that the party is not against Chinese investment in Zambia.

In fact, we support Chinese investment inflows into Zambia if such investment is meant to benefit our Nationals.

As NDC, we are alive to the fact that China’s presence in Zambia can never and should never be under played.

We realise that the presence of the Chinese in Africa is deep rooted and the benefits that Africa has derived from that country is extremely enormous.

China helped many African nations during the liberation movements and continues to pursue economic diplomacy with many nations.

Chinese investment in Zambia stands at over ten billion united states dollars in the last ten years.

As NDC, we are only against the illicit and inimical activities of some Chinese Nationals in Zambia.

As a party, we want to urge the Chinese inventors in Zambia to follow the labour laws and pay the right salaries to our Zambian colleagues.

China should also consider improving salaries and other working conditions, particularly in the extractive sector.

Our comrade’s from China have unfortunately found themselves on the wrong part of the law because they have in certain instances elected to ho against existing norms and procedure’s.

As NDC, we welcome any form of Chinese investment for as long as such investment fully benefit’s the people of Zambia.

Currently, they seem to be a diplomatic spat with China on our stance on the presence of Chinese in our country.

To the contrary, NDC has no issues with China and the investment in Zambia.

If NDC advises the Chinese not to go against procedure, this should not be misconstrued purely because of political lineage.

What the NDC is against is the continued abuse of Zambian workers and the payment of slave wages to the Zambian labour force.

If Chinese firms follow the laid down procedure’s and correctly remunerate our work force, the NDC will have no issues with the Chinese.

It is an open secret that Chinese run mines are the worst in terms of safety and standard’s.

As NDC, we want the Chinese to improve on this aspect so that tension with the unions is lessened.

It is unfortunate that the generosity of our Chinese comrades has been abused by selfish political leaders in the pf.

The NDC in Government promises to forge further and promote bilateral ties between Zambia and China.

The NDC in Government will call for improved and increased trade ties with China.

The NDC in Government will partner with the Chinese to ensure that the mining sector is reopened through increased investment in the extractive sector.

Zambia tends to benefit more from Chinese particularly in the areas of infrastructure and information technologies.

It is a pity that the current pf regime has taken for granted the cordial relations that Zambia has enjoyed with China over the years.

Chinese have been allowed to do the wrong things because of selfish and greed by this Pf regime.

As NDC, we are more than ready yo meet our comrade’s at the Chinese embassy in Zambia so that we can explain to them our stance on Chinese investment in Zambia.

Zambia like many other countries need foreign Direct Inflows FDIs to run its economy.

Issued by: Mwenya Musenge Secretary General NDC.