Kambwili calls President Lungu a disaster


President Lungu you are a disaster. How can you allow ERB to increase the price of fuel after the unfair decisions you have made against the poor.

– Street vendors chased off the street.
– Marketeers and small scale traders have been chased and displaced.
– Miners have been put on recess and they have not been called back.
– Agriculture and Evoucher system is in complete disarray, farmers have not had their inputs.
– Black mountain has been sold by you despite promising Kitwe youths that you would give it to them.
– Unemployment is soaring high.
– Corruption is at an all time high, you and your ministers are stealing from poor Zambians.
– Ban against second hand tires.
– ZRA have increased duty on cheap vehicles.
– Zesco increased the electricity tariffs by 75 percent recently.

Everyday is a disaster under Lungu, every decision is a disaster under Lungu, poor people have been robbed by a selfish man. President Lungu stop concentrating on your pocket and wake up and smell the coffee. You have disadvantaged the poor people all because you are enjoying corrupt money and developing big cheeks you have decided to say Ubomba Mwibala alya mwibala.

President Lungu you must understand that this is not your personal to holder country, all you are doing is attending irrelevant dinners to raise money for your 2021 campaign, what kind of President addresses people only at fundraising dinners and airports ? You have failed to address real issues like the failed evoucher and re opening of the mines, all you do is play, travel and buy expensive clothes and watches as well as wine and dine.

The citizens are looking to you now to get serious and lead the country, but you have failed miserably because all you can think of is the next big deal you’ll have a commission in. You are certainly the least caring President with no vision what so ever.

You have destroyed our country and you have hurt the poor. Prices of commodities are going to shoot up, from mealie meal to cooking oil to salt, not forgetting that the general cost of living has risen beyond measure. Surely how can we have such a president ?