ZNBC dug own grave trying to appease politicians


ZNBC is a sleeping giant. It does not need the K5 TV Levy which staff and management are endlessly crying for. It is ridiculous and unbelievable that following the removal of TV Levy management from ZNBC management, the institution has landed in a serious financial situation to the extent of failing to pay salaries to staff.

With the current infrastructure and other resources at its disposal, ZNBC has potential to treble the revenue generated. It can be self-sustaining by generating own resources more than enough to meet its salary and other obligations, and without being dependent on TV Levy.

The trouble is that both management and staff are self-preserving and seeking political guarantees. They fear to make decisions that are in public interest as is dictated by the Constitution of Zambia.

Instead, they prioritize to make short-term decisions to appease politicians, all for safeguarding own jobs.

Yet, we the People of Zambia have done our part to ensure no public service worker is victimized for performing duties in public interest. We have provided the constitutional guarantees by enacting Article 173.

Through Article 173, we have provided guiding values and principles of the public service delivery which include maintenance and promotion of the highest standards of professional ethics and integrity; effective, impartial, fair and equitable provision of public services; prompt, efficient and timely response to people’s needs; commitment to the implementation of public policy and programmes; and accountability for administrative acts.

Armed with these constitutional guarantees, no politician can victimize them provided they operate within the limits of guiding values and principles of public service. Any unconstitutional victimization is void absolutely, and of no legal effect. So, really, there is absolutely no reason why management and staff at ZNBC should allow shoddy service provision, all for fear of victimization by politicians.

Put simply, woes at ZNBC are self-induced. Management and staff have dug own graves and nailed own coffins. Staff, especially, will continue to endure hardships, provided they chose political guarantees and self-preservation over constitutional guarantees.

As I have said time and time again, there is no better guarantee than a constitutional guarantee.


  1. ZNBC is a PF vuvuzela thus needs no compassion from the general public! The only sad thing is that its the staff in the lower echelons who are made to suffer over decisions by management! So nice that the levy was removed as some citizens were made to pay while they no longer visited with ZNBC programs. Let PF settle what is owing to ZNBC and its employees!