PRESIDENT Edgar Chagwa Lungu has appealed to his cabinet and chief officers to aid him in protecting the nation’s resources.

Issuing a stern warning against those that will disregard financial management and depart from prescribed core values, President Lungu said he will never protect inactivity or wrong doing.

The head of state was speaking when he officially opened the seminar for ministers and controlling officers in Lusaka under the theme “Promoting Ethical Conduct Integrity and Accountability in the Public Sector for Enhanced Public Service Delivery on February 7th, 2018.

“I have a duty and responsibility which was conferred upon me by the people of Zambia to protect the nation’s resources,” President Lungu said.

“With this heavy responsibility, I have appointed you to assist me to deliver on this very important mandate. Therefore I call upon all of us here to take your appointments as a rare privilege and deliver to the nation in accordance with the mandate I was given by the people.”

He said the theme was meant to provide a blueprint to guide public financial management in the entire public sector.

President Lungu told the full house that those who will decide to depart from the blueprint will not find refuge in him regardless of who they are.

“My promise to those who depart from this blueprint is that they will not find refuge in me as head of state, REGARDLESS OF WHO THEY ARE,” President Lungu said.

He also warned enforcement agencies tasked with bringing those found wanting to book to take an active role or will equally be made accountable.

He warned that he would ensure all administrative and legal provisions available are applied to bring people to account for the action of inaction.

“My government will always respect your independence, but certainly not to protect your inactivity or any wrongdoing,” cautioned President Lungu.