Salary increment for Barclays Bank Zambia unionized workers

Mizinga Melu
Mizinga Melu

Barclays Bank Zambia PLC has awarded its unionized workers a nine percent salary increment across the board.

And Barclays Bank Zambia Managing Director Mizinga Melu says salary negotiations between the Bank and Zambia Union of Financial Institutions and Allied Workers -ZUFIAW- for have been concluded successfully.

Mrs. Melu announced that management has awarded 9 percent salary increment to all unionized workers to inspire the work force.

Meanwhile, Zambia Union of Financial Institutions and Allied Workers- ZUFIAW-Secretary General Chingati Msiska said the Union is delighted that the bank has put the interest of its workers first.

And Mr. Msiska said the union will continue supporting employers that put the interest of workers first.