Hon. Dr. Chishimba Kambwili
Hon. Dr. Chishimba Kambwili

Sunday, January 28, 2018 – THOSE who are trying to project a popular message like Mr Sata should know that he (Sata) was not just a good orator but had tangible achievements that he could point to wherever served says Transport minister Brian Mushimba

And Hon. Eng. Brian Mushimba says after losing to Donald trump and despite the alleged imperfections in the (electoral) system, Hilary Clinton has never been heard obstructing, standing in trumps way or standing on the top of the hill denouncing him because the maturity of Americans democracy which demands that they rally behind the winner for the sake of National development.

Speaking when he made his debut on the first PF interactive Forum 2018 series season 2 , Eng. Mushimba, in an apparent reference to Roan Member of Parliament Kambwili, said the background of those who want to speak like Sata is hollow, void of significant accomplishment.

“There can only be One Sata. He had attributes which he cultivated over a long period of time. One thing which Mr Sata did and did very well.. he had tangible deliverables which he could point to that fundamentally changed the lives of people,” recalled Mr Mushimba

“It’s not just he was a great orator, that he was and it was not the only thing; he left a legacy as a councillor, governor of Lusaka and as a Minister. But when you look at the background of those who want to speak like him it’s hollow, zero. And in bemba we say Ichikwanka bachimwene kuma mpalanya.”

And Eng Mushimba says democracies that have developed very well only politick during a political season and thereafter support the winner because his success is the success of every citizen.

“Our friends that have developed very well have a political season during which time they can politic, compete on ideas, on development, on how they will govern the country. They also understand that once that political season is over there will be a victor that will be declared through the system. And when the victor is declared everyone falls behind him because their country is above any individual,” He said

He stated that making politics a daily activity was costly, destructs development and sucks the energy out of development.

Meanwhile, the Kankoyo lawmaker has attributed indiscipline, bitterness, selfishness and failure to manage ambitions to become president as
the reason why there over 13 different political parties in country despite having same ideologies.

“Politics fundamentally is a vehicle to bring national development. Those who choose to participate must speak developmental ideas that will ensure we put food on the table not personal agendas or attacks,” Hon Mushimba said

“The reason we have over 13 political parties its because some individuals are indisciplined, overly ambitious, they want to cut corners to get to the top. They feel if I form a party I will be president. Our friends in other jurisdictions have largely two political parties; there are Democrats and there are Republicans, there are moderates and there are conservatives.”

The minister has called on Zambians and voters, in particular, to stand up and reject politicians who derail the progress of the country through perpetual politicking