Labour movement urges mine owners not to overstretch workers

Copper Miner
Copper Miner

The Labour movement in the mining sector has urged mine owners not to overstretch workers, in an effort to maximise production and profits.

Mine Workers Union of Zambia -MUZ- General Secretary Joseph Chewe says doing so may compromise the safety of workers.


Mr. Chewe has told ZNBC news in Kitwe that the union wants both investors and its members to be safety conscious to avoid unnecessary accidents.

He however expressed happiness that most mining companies have adopted the slogan of telling their employees ‘if it’s not safe don’t do it.’

Mr. Chewe urged all stakeholders to work towards ensuring that there are no fatalities in the mining industry.

And Mr Chewe  says most mining companies are resisting to award workers reasonable increments despite the favourable copper prices on the international market.

And Mr. Chewe says Copperbelt Energy Corporation and Chibuluma mines have awarded a ten percent increment to their workers.

Mr. Chewe has told Journalists at a media briefing in Kitwe that it is unreasonable for mining firms to deny workers reasonable wages which are commensurate to good copper prices.

He said the labour movement is worried with the approach that some mine owners have taken to be reluctant to the bargaining process.

He said there is need for investors to motivate their work force to boost productivity in the mines.