Emmanuel Mwamba meets Amnesty International

Emmanuel Mwamba meets Amnesty International
Emmanuel Mwamba meets Amnesty International

Amnesty International and ourselves held a productive meeting.

Amnesty International commended President Edgar Lungu for the successful meeting that he held with the Secretary General Salil Shetty

Amnesty also welcomed the commitment made by President Lungu regarding:
1. the call to abolish the death penalty- also welcomed the current 30 year moratorium against those sentenced to death.

2. commitment to review the Public Order Act (PoA)and the concerns around wide police discretion on the matter.

3. Right to food and the rising displacement of people from traditional lands by commercial entities and interests.

Amnesty International also reiterated that their reports and media statements are evidence-based, accurate and go through a verification process.

We took the opportunity to congratulate Kumi Naidoo who has been appointed as the new Secretary General of Amnesty International and will take over the organisation in August 2018.

Kumi is a former Executive Director of international environmentalist group Greenpeace.

Details regarding other concerns will be released in the media statements.

Emmanuel Mwamba