NDC disappointed with IG, Kakoma kanganja

Kakoma kanganja - Inspector General of police
Kakoma kanganja - Inspector General of police

23.01.2018- The National Democratic Congress NDC is extremely appalled at the violent attacks on our youths at lusaka central police this morning.

Three of our comrades among them Chipoka Mulenga the copper belt NDC chairman were brutally attacked by hired Pf thugs from inter city bus terminus.

The attackers were led by a known Pf thug commonly known as commando.

We as NDC are disappointed that Inspector General of police Kakoma kanganja failed to protect our member’s when he had prio and full information that Pf thugs would attack and strike at NDC members.

IG kanganja received detailed Intel from the senior police intelligence officer SPI0 at police headquarters that they would be bloodshed and an attack on the NDC youth wing who would escort NDC consultant Dr. Chishimba kambwili to central police.

Unfortunately, kanganja ignored this intelligence report squarely to please his master Home Affairs Minister Steven kampongo.

We have implacable intelligence information that the attack on our member’s was sponsored by kampyongo and Pf lusaka district youth chairman Kennedy kamba, a disgraced criminal element.

It is disheartening that IG kanganja, has elected to turn the Zambia police service into a Pf enterprise.

We want to warn kanganja to stop this stupidity.

If kanganja will not arrest kamba and those who sponsored this barbaric act, NDC is ready to take the law into its own hands.

We are more than ready and resolved to protect our leaders, our citizens and our country.

The pig Inspector General of police is a disgrace to the professional men and women in uniform.

As for NDC, we want to put it on record that your days at police headquarters are numbered. Including commissioner Nelson Phiri, the lusaka top cop who is yet another disgrace to the service.

NDC in Government will retire the two of you and several other Pf cadres in the police service in public interest.

To the people involved in these evil acts, we know your families and where you stay.

As NDC, we abhor violence and please do not push our member’s to extremes.

The NDC in Government will bring back sanity to the police service.

We wonder what Edgar Lungu saw or See’s in kanganja. Anyway, its a drinking affair they had when Lungu was Home Affairs Minister.

Kanganja the pig is not fit to be in that office. We know him in and out. No wonder he was thrown out of the service to the Ministry of Home Affairs as Register of Societies.

We know what he did when he served under frauds department for so many years in the police service.

These no difference between kanganja and hard core criminals at chimbokaila.

Your days are numbered kanganja and time will catch up with you.

Issued by:

Menyani Zulu
Chairman Defense and Security.