Scrap public toilet fees to fight cholera – HH

Hakainde Hichilema
Hakainde Hichilema

We understand that today, some of the marketeers resumed trading at City Market and other trading places but a larger population of traders has remained unattended to hence the continued protests in Lusaka.

Therefore, we would like to once again strongly urge those in government to immediately find designated trading places for the street vendors. No one should die of cholera or hunger as a result of mismanaging our country’s resources through corruption.

Our call to action now is that public health demands should be met at the opened markets so that no citizen will die of cholera.

We maintain that these markets and bus stations must not be run by political cadres as they have proved that they have no interest of public health and our people but syphoning money which they raise after heavily taxing the traders.

We also maintain that the public toilet fees be scrapped off immediately as funds for health maintenance can be raised from other avenues such as ground rates that marketeers pay and also annual budgetary allocations because without doing so, our people who can’t afford to pay may continue on the path of throwing unwanted substances anyhow.

Further, funds can be raised by cutting on luxurious expenditures and corruption and channel such resources towards public health. This is attainable, if shopping malls have no fee paying toilets, why should it be difficult and for us to fail to provide public health and prevent diseases to our people who pay taxes?

Lastly, we appeal to the men and women in uniform to exercise maximum restraint as they manage the street vendors who may wish to express their views on these matters. Let’s remain calm.

Together we can fight cholera and provide income earning opportunities to our people by remaining united and fighting bad vices such as corruption. Let’s save life both from cholera and hunger.

Blessed day,