Govt outlaws manually generated Local Purchase Orders

Ministry of Finance Public Relations officer Chileshe Kandeta
Ministry of Finance Public Relations officer Chileshe Kandeta

Government Accountant General Dr. Dick Sichembe says the Ministry of Finance will no longer make Treasury Single Account payments to suppliers of goods and services who turn-up with manually generated purchase orders.

Dr. Sichembe states that with effect from January 2018, manually generated Local Purchase Orders that are handwritten – will not be entertained for Treasury Single Account payments at the Ministry of Finance.

Dr. Sichembe furthermore states that this in a notice that has been issued to all Ministries and Government Spending Agencies for onward communication to Suppliers of Goods and Services.

The Ministry of Finance has been implementing the Treasury Single Account System from 5th January, 2015, to date.

The Treasury Single Account is an electronic payment system that aims to ensure that payments for goods and services are transferred electronically to the beneficiary’s bank account.

Effectively, this system has negated the cheque payment system.

Dr. Sichembe has also clarified that all procurement processes and procedures will continue to be done by the respective Ministries and other Spending Agencies seeking a good or service.

He says in this process, the Treasury is only responsible for transmitting the payments on behalf of all Ministries and other Government Spending Agencies that are installed with an IFMIS interface.

The Ministry of Finance is also working with the Zambia Revenue Authority to ensure that all suppliers and goods and services to the Government have Bank Accounts and TPIN’s.

This is contained in a statement issued to QTV News by Ministry of Finance Head of Public Relations Chileshe Kandeta.