Higher Education Authority to deregister some Higher Education Institutions

In the Picture, HEA Director General, Professor Stephen Simukanga (right), talks with ZNBC Reporter, Ms. Effie Mpande (Left), in his office.

By Birbal Boniface Musoba
Information, Education and Communication (IEC) Officer
Speaking in an interview with the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC), HEA Director General, Professor Stephen Simukanga, said that the Authority was in the final stages of deregistering a couple of HEIs that have been found wanting.

“Through the auditing process of HEIs that we have embarked on, we have found these HEIs to be wanting and, as such, we shall be deregistering them forthwith to ensure quality in higher education in Zambia,” Professor Simukanga said.

Under the Higher Education Act No.4 of 2013 Part IV Section 23 (1), the Authority has the power to deregister and order the closure of any private HEI if, amongst others, the HEI contravenes any provision of the Higher Education Act.

Furthermore, in the same Section, the Act clearly states that contravening the HEA’s mandate by operating a deregistered private HEI is an offence with a liability of imprisonment for a period not exceeding two years.
Currently, the number of private HEIs stand at 61, and the complete list of these institutions can be found here.

The Director General further added that the Authority will increase its inspection of HEIs in 2018, as the Authority will be recruiting Inspectors that will be going around to HEIs unannounced to ensure that standards are maintained and adhered to by all HEIs. These Inspectors will visit, unannounced, institutions that the public have flagged as suspect through complaints and submissions to the Authority.

Professor Simukanga stated that his measure of employing Inspectors, coupled with the auditing of HEIs will bring an end of the operation of fraudulent institutions offering fake qualifications, commonly known as “Matero University.”

Professor Simukanga was being interviewed for ZNBC’s Your Platform by Effie Mpande