No licenses for marijuana medical use – Chilufya


Health Minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya says his Ministry will not issue any license for the cultivation and use of marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Dr Chilufya has told Q news that as the licensing authority; his ministry is not ready to issue any license as currently the end to end encryption for marijuana from cultivation to processing for its medicinal value is nonexistent.

He has since advised all persons interested to get licenses for the cultivation of marijuana for medicinal purposes to engage with the technical people on the end to end encryption for now.

Dr Chilufya states that once the end to end encryption is established, the ministry will announce so that interested persons can come forward to submit their details so that they can be given licenses.

In March this year, Home Affairs Minister Steven Kampyongo told parliament that it is mandatory that one obtains requisite lawful authority to enable them cultivate cannabis for medicinal purposes, failure to which one commits an offence even if it is for medicinal purposes.