Electricity tariff increase nonnegotiable


President Edgar Lungu has charged that he will not make decisions for the purposes of preserving his stay in office.

President Lungu says there is life beyond his term in office.

He states that if it means trade unions voting him out of office in 2021 over the proposed increment in electricity tariffs in Zambia which he supports, let them do so.

President Lungu says the need to increase electricity tariffs cannot be compromised or negotiated.

He states that this entails that much as it is a painful decision to increase electricity tariffs; such a decision has to be taken.

President Lungu has warned that failure to do so the Zambian economy will totally collapse and that as a consequence there will be no jobs to protect or economy to talk about.

He says the nation cannot bury itself in the sand with the thought that once it wakes up the Country’s economy will grow.

The President was speaking this morning when he graced this year’s Labor Day Commemorations in Lusaka held under the theme: Securing Decent Work for Sustainable Socio-Economic Development.

And President Lungu has assured the nation that diversification of the economy will not be allowed to compromise the Country’s decent work agenda.

He says government remains committed to ensuring that the jobs that are being created under the diversification programme do not come at the expense of human dignity.

President Lungu states that government is also committed to promoting fundamental principles and workers rights.

He says protection of workers’ rights is critical to securing decent work the more reason government will ensure the enforcement of laws that safeguards workers and employers’ rights.

And president Lungu has urged stakeholders asking him to show humility and commitment to dialogue to also ask opposition political parties to do the same.

President Lungu encouraging such stakeholders to help opposition political parties such as the UPND to accept that the he is the Republican President.

He does not thinks he can engage in dialogue with political parties that are still living in denial following his 2016 presidential election victory.