“…….What Edgar Lungu has done is very bad and I would rather die…..I will never seat back and watch an innocent person thrown in jail……” – Tayali

During elections I used to say, politics teyabana iyoo (politics is not for children) and I am sorry to President Lungu is one such political child who rose by walking in the shadows of Late Sata.

Before joining PF Edgar Lungu was in UPND but nothing is there for him to show, as in what he did as a politician. When he came to PF he was nothing politically, which is why he was could not be adopted in 2006.

I would tell you that, Edgar Lungu political career has succeeded because of others people and not because of his political astuteness. In 2011 when he won Chawama, it was because the wind of change that was there from MMD to PF.

The factor was Sata and PF, and whoever stood in the PF strongholds carried the day and that is how Edgar won that seat otherwise, if you check the archieves you would see how poor Edgar Lungu was politically, such that even my good friend Emily Nkoma used to wire him during debates.

I will leave out how he become President because Anthony Mukwita has done a good job to recount the event in his book “Edgar Lungu – Against all odds”. I have done a book review which I will post tomorrow morning at 08:00hrs (I could not post today because of the chaos of arresting HH).

Anyway, President Edgar Lungu is now a President by the Grace of God through the hard sweat of Late Micheal Sata, but the man is lost politically and on governance.

President Lungu does not know how to turn this Country around and give Zambians a better life. He is the worst mediocrer Zambia has ever had as a President. He does not even know where he is going and where coming from. He does not even know where he wants to take Zambia politically and economically.

Because of this political confusion and bankruptcy President Lungu is the most insecure President Zambia has ever had. He is so scared of anything and he is now using the State machinery to silence all perceived enemies.

Out of fear, he has closed down the Post in the pretext of collecting Taxes and caused Fred M’membe to go into exile.

Our President is such a political coward that he is even scared of women like Mutinta Mazoka who owns The Mast. Using his compromised friend Lewis Mosho, he is threatening the closure of The Mast like they have done with The Post.

Ba Richard Sakala thinks he is safe with his daily Nation, but let him keep writing about IG Kanganja and touch on Kaizer Zulu, he will come to appreciate my objectivity and desire for justice. I will always defend the oppressed and unjustly treated even if we don’t agree on some issues.

Instead showing leadership in dealing with Hakainde Hichilema (HH), President Lungu takes his coward easy way by using State machinery to send HH to prison for Treason over a motor race that himself (Edgar) enjoyed as he waved his fist out through an open window.

Instead of the Country focusing on how we should sort out our economy, President Lungu has set all the resources on trampling on all those that he is scared of.

The news in Zambia is about police, courts and intimidation. It won’t be long before people start dying mysterious while Rev. Sumaili and her fellow Christians for Lungu Bishops and followers are praising him of being a man of God when he is not even baptized as a Christian.

I will live to appreciate Kaizer Zulu for his good heart, unfortunately, he works like a robot to execute anything he is sent to do. If Kaizer worked with a good person, he can be very useful to this nation, unfortunately he is in wrong hands.

I have a lot of disagreement with HH, but you have messed up to imprison him for having had done nothing wrong. What Edgar Lungu has done is very bad and I would rather die of hunger if all those who help me in one way or the other do not agree with me. I stand on principle and fear of the Lord, therefore, I will never seat back and watch an innocent person thrown in jail.

God is seeing your evil actions and you will be made to account for it. God gives you power and you abuse it in this manner. I am not happy and I will never accept such evil. #RELEASE_HH

I want to do politics in a way that God will be plead with me and President Lungu should ask himself if God is happy with what he has done to HH. I can never do that. Lord have mercy.


Chilufya Tayali
Chilufya Tayali


  1. HH don’t worry you are in good hands you supposed to be dead now if it was some other country mind you ,we not happy to be in foreign land my man fuck you to hell

  2. Funny enough the man is unstoppable right now he is campaigning to people in prison

  3. You pipo of Zambia what is your problem? Don’t you have eyes to see? If your son refuses to recognise you as a father just know he has grown big. Later he refuses to give you respect acorded to you just seek other pipo to discipline him. It is exactly what Lungu has done. Let us not politicise everything. In a country there is only and only one president duly elected by the pipo. In our case it is Lungu. He deserve to be respected no matter what. What HH is doing leaves a lot to be desired. Mr HH if only you want to make a good leader stop this nonsence you are doing. Just a tip, after all we are not together in police cells hahahahahaha.

    • Calling me an idiot. Maloto a chumba ameneo. We shall see who is an idiot? After all an idiot is he who lives at his parents home and yet refuses to recognise them as his parents. Hopefully you are the one. Sorry if I have wronged you but you deserve to be called an idiot. Kkkkkkk

  4. I am very surprised to hear Tayali claiming that HH is innocent of wrong doing.HH has on several occasions disregarded the law in both word and act.To publicly declare yourself as president when there is a legally elected and sworn in president is in itself a treasonable offence.Additionally,intentionally endangering the life of the president by refusing to give way on the road is equally a serious fellony and there are laws governing such.A wrong will always be a wrong.From whatever angle you look at it,HH will be found guilty of,if not treason,then a lesser charge but one which carries a punitive custodial sentence.We need sanity,law and order in our country and that can only be achieved if all citizens respect the law and are treated equally before the law when they broke it.And your HH is just another common citizen regardless of wealth,tribe,party,or education.

  5. Well said but only because the position you wanted was not given to you. Ama politics teyabana iyoooooo!!!!! Concentrate on business than the way you want to make money iyooooooo

  6. Edgar Lungu is not police IG,its important that hh is disciplined to respect the authorities wether he comes out after one week,one month or one year atleast he will be a bit careful with his actions and words.those guys that are jumping into upnd will go back to their parties once they are done destroying upnd.stop listening to childish advize Mr