Paralysis in the Vice President’s office – Msoni

Dora Siliya
Inonge Wina has urged Petauke residents to vote for Patriotic Front (PF) candidate Dora Siliya

Opposition All Peoples Congress Party President Nason Msoni has expressed concern at what he described as the paralysis in the Vice President’s office.

Mr Msoni said it was worrying that the Vice President has failed to play the strengthening role that a Running Mate is supposed to as intended by the amended constitution.

He said Zambia was being piloted by two individuals in a COMMA as the Vice President just like her boss has proved too weak and non-responsive to the challenges being faced in the country.

He said the combination of the two individuals holding the two highest offices in the land was bad for the country saying it was like being in a plane were the two pilots were both asleep and non-responsive subjecting passengers into panic and an awkward situation.

“Our deepest concerns are the paralysis in his office, the paralysis in the Vice President’s office. The combination of the two is a bad combination for government because one would have anticipated that the role of the running mate, who because of the amended constitution is different from the past vice presidents as this one is also a president designate hence were you have a weak President the Vice should be a strengthening hand but if you have a combination of two very weak individuals occupying the Presidency and the Vice President’s office then there is a problem. In other words you have two pilots who in the midst of a flight are in a COMMA, they are non-responsive that is the current state of Zambia. We know the fate of a plane whose pilots are asleep in the cock pit that is Zambia dangerously gliding without leaders to take control of its fate,” he said.

On the lamentation by the President that Chiefs were apportioning land by themselves, the APC leader said Traditional Leaders had taken it upon themselves to apportion land because they had realized that there was a vacuum in the Presidency.

“If chiefs have taken it upon themselves apportioning land then they have come to recognize that there is a serious vacuum in the Presidency. People are doing that because they have seen that there is no President! What the Chiefs are doing is an affirmation and confirmation that we have a very weak President because if they knew that there is a President in whom land is vested in then they wouldn’t be doing what they are doing but it is the incompetence and failure by the President’s Office that is making Chiefs to take it upon themselves to proceed as if there is no such office or such an office was vacant,” he said.