Four Zambia Teacher Unions Merge

Zambia National Union of Teachers

The four registered teacher unions- ZNUT, BETUZ, SESTUZ and PROTUZ have finalized a clear roadmap that will see the teacher unions merge into one.

The four organisations have since settled on a name for the new name to be called the Zambia Teachers Union (ZATU).

The spokesperson of the Steering Committee for the merger Kangwa Musenge disclosed this in an interview with the Zambian Teachers Forum.

Mr. Musenge, who is also PROTUZ General Secretary,  says that the roadmap for the merger is a serious process that demands commitment, and looking at the best interests of all teachers.

“The merger has been a call from the teachers themselve and we are glad to take up the challenge.  It is not easy.  The merger may not solve all the problems that teachers have but it gives a greater advantage in the solidarity and advocacy for teachers.”

The roadmap for the merger was successfully “launched” in Livingstone, and now gives way for the parties to agree on matters such as the constitution.

And Mr. Musenge has called on teachers to be patient over the ongoing collective bargaining negotiations between unions and government that is expected to be concluded by 31st March 2017.

“We are very concerned [of the delay to sign the new collective agreement].  It has not been easy.  Teachers are facing a lot of challenges as the cost of living has escalated to unbearable levels, and we stand our feet that government must do something for our members at the end of the negotiations.  We must be done by the end of the next month” said Mr. Musenge.