UPND planning for HH’s inauguration as President – PF

HH tours Solwezi Nov. 27th 2014
HH tours Solwezi Nov. 27th 2014

Fisheries and Livestock Minister Michael Katambo says it is mischievous and criminal for anyone in Western Province to suggest that a new president will be sworn in this week to take over from President Edgar Lungu.

Addressing party officials at the Kaoma Council chambers yesterday, Katambo said it was unthinkable for anyone to create stories suggesting that there would be a swearing in ceremony to install another President.

He said Zambians and in particular those from the opposition should realise that President Lungu was elected President after scoring 50 per cent plus 1 vote in the just ended 2016 general elections.

“There is nothing that will change the August 2016 general elections results. No single paper will change the outlook of the results. President Lungu is President now until 2021 and beyond, ” he said.

Katambo challenged the PF leadership in Kaoma District to wait for the end of the week to see whether there would be a change in government.

The minister said people should stop living in denial anymore because elections were over and President Lungu was legitimately elected and occupying office.

He said people should accept that for now President Lungu was president and he has a government to run.

Katambo also warned against tribalism and other old bad vices that brings division in the country.

Katambo said this after he received reports that opposition UPND leaders in Western Province were going round telling people that the Courts would this week overturn President Lungu’s election.

Mangango Constituency PF chairperson Alex Muyunda informed the minister that the UPND were organising for the inauguration of its leader Hakainde Hichilema in Western Province.

Muyunda said the situation was making it difficult for the PF to mobilise in the region.


  1. I remember one Michael (MHSRIP) every time he looses elections would lamentably refuse to go for petitions and instead would go back to the structures for more mobilization in readiness for the coming elections and would tell us elections are never won in courts. This made the late a unique and a strong politician, not these under five, nonentity, underweight, nashala neka politicians. Go back and mobilize for 2021 chapwa. Bola kale yapwa ni 90 minutes no extra time, no sadden death. Don’t mislead your blind followers please, time is running out for you. Mind you in 2015 we campaigned as though we were in opposition and in less than thirty days and we walloped you, 2021 will be a different ball game. Wapya twaisa, sela tubombeko, kulasontafye.

  2. Problem in Zambia is out of 100% ,40% is for educated people who understand what economy is ,and 10% is for Christians, the rest of 50% is for un educated people who ar drunkard can’t even think of economy and they dnt understand what it means that’s the truth.

  3. U people there is nothing u can our has gone down in terms of economic look at the bag of meally meal from k25 to k110 ,then u ar busy saying pamaka pamaka ,its dununa reverse it has started ,.

  4. that story is fake nothing upnd can do,pf wants to sweve away people’s attention when they ve failed the economy.

  5. HH please wake up…. This is not time to sleep. I think u need boiled annointing water for u 2 be delivered.

  6. no pliz things are taff they will just baden hakainde the economy has bn destroyed ored