‘Don’t depend on foreigners’ – Edgar Lungu

President Lungu with other Heads of States at Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
President Lungu with other Heads of States at Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

President Edgar Lungu has urged Zambians not to depend on foreigners to develop the country.


President Lungu says it is only Zambians who can develop the country and not anyone else.


Speaking when he addressed workers at Kawambwa Tea Estates in Kawambwa, President Lungu said Zambians must always work towards developing the nation.


ZNBC’s Michael Kaumba reports from Kawambwa that the President who toured ZAFFICO Plantations and the Tea Estates said it is allright to attract investment and look at foreign models in developing the nation.


Earlier, ZAFFICO Chief Executive Officer Frightone Sichone said his firm is looking forward to supplying ZESCO limited with poles which the power firm is currently importing.


Mr Sichone said his firm is not asking for government handouts and is ready to add value to timber.


He also thanked government for revamping the Kawambwa Tea Estates saying the move will soon start paying dividends.


And Luapula Province Minister Nickson Chilangwa said the government is committed to creating wealth and jobs for the local people.



Meanwhile in an another development, Northern Province Minister Brian Mundubile says the country’s development goals cannot be attained in the absence of a professional and committed workforce.


Mr. Mundubile says Zambia needs a dedicated and professional work-force if meaningful development is to be realised.


Speaking when he addressed civil servants and other stakeholders in Mungwi District, Mr Mundibile noted that failure to uphold professional ethics by public service workers hampers development.


He said this usually triggers conflict between workers and the communities they serve..


And Mr. Mundubile has urged government heads of departments to be resourceful and innovative in managing their departments.


Meanwhile, civil servants in Mungwi assured the Provincial Minister that they will remain committed to duty.


The workers said this through their representative James Simpungwe.




  1. A nation which wholeheartedly puts an emphasis on educating its populace & has institutions of training & development can be the building blocks of expertise can then thereafter stand on its own merits..without it, the nation will have to call upon foreign expertise to fill the gap until a time the populace is able to equate the expertise of the foreigner !!!