Dr. Chishimba should be cleared or face the wrath of the law – Tayali

Dr Saviour Chishimba
Dr Saviour Chishimba from Even Ha'Ezer Import and Export LTD

Economic and Equity Party (EEP) President Chilufya Tayali has accused  UPP President, Dr. Saviour  Chishimba, of  refusing to share a live radio interview with him on Live Radio Station this morning.

Mr Tayali said Live Radio Station had undertaken a commendable initiative to invite the two of them so that they could share their different point of views on the corruption allegations by Dr. Chishimba.

He noted that from his point of view there was no corruption in the export of Maize to Malawi as claimed by Dr Chishimba.

“we have not seen any corruption in the sale of Maize to Malawi by Zambian Govt through Zambia Cooperation of Farmers (ZCF). We have sort a clarification from Dr. Chishimba on where the corruption lays but we have not been cleared.

“This is not to undermine the fight against corruption by Dr. Chishimba, but being objective and accurate when making allegations.”

Mr Tayali also said that Mr Chishimba should also clear his name regarding the looting of public resources that took place at NYDC while he was the Board Chairman.

“We have also asked Dr. Chishimba to clear his record on corruption since he was mentioned in the auditor general report of 2015, that he, acting together with others, looted money meant for the youths at National Youth Development Centre (NYDC) when he was Board Chairman.

“Unfortunately, we have not gotten any response from him. Therefore the initiative by Live Radio Station was perfect for both Dr. Chishimba and us to clear the air on a live interview.”

He further accused Dr Chishimba of being a decoy in his allegations to cover his own tracks.

“We believe that Dr. Chishimba is playing a decoy in his allegations to cover his own inequities and we urge the Anti-corruption Commission (ACC) and Drag Enforcement Commission (DEC) to quickly finish their investigations so that Dr. Chishimba can be cleared or face the wrath of the law.

“The delay by ACC and DEC to conclude the investigations of many cases, including the ones reported by Dr. Chishimba, can lead to unnecessary conflicts and litigations like it has happened in other cases where the undersigned has been involved,” he said.