Home Affairs Deputy Minister Stephen Kampyongo
Home Affairs Deputy Minister Stephen Kampyongo

The renewal of work permits for expatriate workers in Zambia has been suspended until further notice.

Minister of Home Affairs Hon. Stephen Kampyongo, made the announcement during his address to staff at the Zambian Mission in Pretoria.

He said his office had suspended the renewal of work-permits for foreign expatriate staff and has directed that a framework that benefits understudy staff and Zambians, was established.
He said he recently called for a stakeholder meeting with Ministries of Mines, Labour, Mine Houses and Chamber of Mines to ensure that an agreed framework that benefits Zambians and transfer of skills was established.

He noted that previously, the process was subjected to abuse as expatriates found excuses to handover portfolios to understudies after the conditional two- year period given had expired.

In the Tourism sector he has called for the involvement of local qualified personel including the bookings of tourists by tour operators.

The Minister also announced that President Edgar Lungu had appointed a new Citizenship Board that will among other things, begin to process applications for dual citizenship.

He said that the law was passed to operationalise the Constitutional clause of the dual citizenship and a statutory instrument to provide for regulations and procedures would be signed soon.

He also welcomed the inauguration of the Joint Commission for Cooperation  (JCC) between Zambia and South Africa as this would strengthen bilateral relationships between the two countries.

He also stated that the JCC would help curb criminal activities and help resolve the rising illicit activities and illicit trade in drugs, counterfeit currency, money laundering, human trafficking and other vices.

The Minister also welcomed the suspension of the operating licence for Mazhandu Buses Services as their record in safety was proving to be  poor.

He hailed Euro Buses Services that have a long and commendable safety record and almost zero bus accidents.

He commended the management at Euro Bus Services and others for instituting safety standards and maintaining conditions and standards of buses, and employing qualified drivers.

Hon. Kampyongo also said government had began an initiative to help officers in foreign missions to benefit from land allocation to help them invest back home.