Hon. Margaret Mwanakatwe Minister of Finance
Hon. Margaret Mwanakatwe Minister of Finance

Commerce, Trade and industry Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe on Friday narrated how two men allegedly stole her handbag when she went socializing at Mayela Night Club in Lusaka.

Mrs. Mwanakatwe who is also Lusaka Central Member of Parliament told the Court that she had gone out to interact with members of the community at Mayela Night Club but she ended up losing her red hand bag.

This is a matter in which two people identified as Mabvuto Banda and Solomon Mwanza are alleged to have stolen a red bag belonging to Mrs. Mwanakatwe in Bauleni Township in Lusaka.

The two suspects have been charged with theft from motor vehicle contrary to section 276 (c) 272 of the penal code chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia.

Particulars are that on Saturday, 26th November 2016, the accused persons jointly and whilst acting together did steal a bag, one purse, one I phone, two diplomatic passports, one national registration card, K9, 700 cash, 6×10 Saudi Riyal cash and 3 by 10 Indian rupees cash from her motor vehicle.

Mrs. Mwanakatwe submitted that her bag contained cash, a purse, an I-phone, diplomatic passports and NRC.

Details in the matter are that the two suspects connived and stole the bag from her motor vehicle, a Nissan Terrano, Registration Number ABR 926.

She narrated that she had left home in the company of two other men and went to Kalahari, then to Mayela night club after which they went to another place where they packed the car outside and chatted with the people.

Mrs. Mwanakatwe said upon returning, she discovered that her red handbag had gone missing after which she reported the matter to woodlands police station.

Meanwhile, a witness in the matter, a police officer identified as Jimmy Musowe told the court that he found one of the accused persons with Indian and Saudi Arabian currencies.

He said the suspect led the police to here he had hide the bag which they found dumped in a pit latrine in Libala township.

Magistrate Irene Mushimanga has set February 3rd 2017 as the date for ruling.


  1. Red bag part 2, a very ,very sad news ad lesson for her,so that next time she won’t go with such cash at parting area

  2. Are we voting angels in Parliament,this. Are real people with feelings,maybe ka guy nangu tubili?

  3. free away from a temptation place,az a respected lady more over an mp wat interaction waz there pa nyt club?thiz iz nonsense!

  4. Ba Lusaka voice can u Plse clear the air,was the bag stolen frm the car at mayela night club in kalingalinga or bauleni. Someone can lose a case just on these.

  5. Im very dissappointed with honourable Mwanakatwe.Out of all social places she saw a night club befitting for he to socialise?she is very negligent and she does care about her life.
    Why going go at a night club?and why interecting at night?
    no !this wad wrong.

  6. With vast freedoms in Zambia,where else do u find voters?it’s in night clubs,tarvens,shabeens nd them a beer,they’ll never forget u.she’s done her stratagies well coz thats where the grass root ur campaigns in clean nd high places,u r doomed,u cry of rigging at the end.

    • Its not eveyone in a night club sir voted for her,others voted for her opponents so that confuses the all poor plan to interract in a night club with hungry and frustrated people.

  7. All pf members are drunkard shame on you you should change which development can someone get from night club someone to tell me?

  8. Sometimes inorder for you to manage personal stress and organizational stress ….you go on doing something different for a change. ..but on unfateful day. ..things tend to be that way…..It’s why it’s said ITS not a truism to take some people to be continuously strong and others continuoesly weak. ..hence we’re all intiled to weak moments. ..and we all need the services that every institution can give. ..there fore Mrs mwanakatwe didnt deserved that treatment. ..when she went out to managing stress. one of those effective ways of shaking it off…before she could reach a burn out….but being in the high class you suffer those consequences. ……

  9. she likes quaffing alcohol can tel from story.please reduce madam on pleasure if good works as mp r to b noticed

  10. “she had gone out to interact with members of the community at Mayela Night Club ” at night at a club,interacting with drunkard kikikki very silly indeed,she is trying to sound respective as if she went working as an mp doing community work.

  11. k9700 in cash at night club, good lesson for her stolen money have no plan shame on her

  12. I like her humble way of interacting with people, a night club is where you really understand everything on the ground. Only next time we wish she finds a safe place for parking

  13. Of all places to visit in Lusaka central, like hospitals, clinics, schools,markets, orphanages, prisons, why visit a nightclub??? Calm down on the alcohol madam.