ULP rules out holding of party convention

Sakwiba Sikota

The Sakwiba Sikota led United Liberal Party (ULP) has ruled out holding a convention to allow the party’s top leadership seek a fresh mandate.

ULP Secretary General Inambao Inambao says there is currently no need for the party to hold a convention despite the fact that the party’s leadership has never renewed its mandate since inception in 2006.

Mr. Inambao states that the ULP does not confine its decisions to conventions as some political parties in the Country do.

He says the approach of the ULP is to regularly hold meetings where the top leadership interacts with provincial executive members at critical intervals.

Mr. Inambao says such meetings which usually focus on issues relating to the party policy, elections and party leadership, allows the party to be more interactive.

Mr. Inambao states that the ULP believes that intraparty democracy comes in different forms which include the ability to allow party members to freely express their views on party issues.