UPND is not afraid of Lungu’s 2021 bid

GBM shared the UPND's plans to bring prosperity to Kasama
GBM shared the UPND's plans to bring prosperity to Kasama

The opposition UPND has charged that it is not afraid to contest the 2021 general elections whether President Edgar Lungu seeks re-election or not.
UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuka says his party does not in fact consider President Lungu’s declared interest to stand in 2021 as a threat in any way to its contesting the elections.
UPND Secretary General
Stephen Katuka
Mr. Katuka has wondered what the UPND can be afraid of when in the last general elections it got half of the entire national votes.
In an interview with QTV News, Mr. Katuka notes that as far as his party is concerned it remains the key player in the Zambian politics not to be pushed over by any political party.
Mr. Katuka states that what his party is however worried about is whether the Country’s Constitution will be respected if President Lungu stands for another term.
He says if the Constitution does however allow it, it is well and good for the UPND as it is ready to meet him in what he has termed as in the ring.



  1. Its not about fearing President Lungu but peace in the nation. The two parties have shown the nation that they will forever remain parallel and are danger to national security. If UPND was to win the 2021 elections, one thing is very sure hundreds of current leaders will find themselves in jail as a fight back for what has been perceived to have happened. The best Zambia can do is to retire the two parties unless they undergo great reformation which I doubt very much especially with the refusal of their leaders going for convention. The other danger we have is how do we trust the two parties and give one of them another mandate when we can see dictatorial tendencies? If parties cannot follow their own constitutions, how sure are we that we can trust them again with the national constitution. The truth is that there is no party that owns Zambia and the Zambian people. So none of these two big parties should take things for granted about the outcome of the 2021 Elections. Zambia deserves better and it needs a unifier party that can unite the people of Zambia. The United Prosperous & Peaceful Zambia-UPPZ is Zambia’s alternative. NEVER SHALL WE GO THE WAY OF VIOLENCE AGAIN!