Poor performing teachers risk being booted out


KITWE district education board secretary Kezela Mwale has threatened to transfer all non-performing head teachers in the district to schools that will be less challenging to them.
In an interview at his office in Kitwe yesterday, Mr Mwale is disappointed that Kitwe recorded the worst results at Grade Nine level in the entire Copperbelt Province.
Mr Mwale said the head teachers’ failure to properly supervise teachers was partially responsible for the poor results and that all head teachers whose schools performed poorly have been charged with sub-standard performance.
“And they will be suspended if their schools continue recording poor results. Head teachers have to work very hard this year to ensure that Kitwe reclaims its lost glory both in terms of academics and extra-curricular activities,” Mr Mwale said.
He said head teachers have a responsibility to properly supervise subordinates such as deputy heads, senior teachers and heads of departments to ensure that teachers perform to expectations.
Mr Mwale urged teachers in Kitwe to stop politicking and focus on the politics of education to improve on pupils’ results.
Kitwe plummeted from being fourth on the Copperbelt Province for Grade Nine results to 10 and least position.
The best performing district was Chingola, followed by Lufwanyama, Ndola and Mpongwe.
Kalulushi was fifth, followed by Mufulira, Chililabombwe, Luanshya, Masaiti, while Kitwe was at the tail end.
And Mr Mwale has directed head teachers in Kitwe not to deny pupils who wish to repeat Grade Seven and Nine school places.
“Where do they want those children to go? It is our duty to educate the future of our country and so we cannot be turning away pupils that want to repeat,” he said.
And Mr Mwale has appealed to parents to cooperate with educational authorities when they recommend that a child should not proceed to the next grade on account of not being ready to handle the challenges of that grade.
“If a child does not meet the standard of reading or writing criteria required for the next grade, we are respectfully asking parents to cooperate with the education authorities,” he said.