Farmers using Boom to fight armyworms


LUSAKA district commissioner (DC) Davies Mulenga has advised farmers in Lusaka to stop using Boom detergent paste to try to eliminate army worms that are devouring their maize fields.

Captain Mulenga is shocked that some farmers are using the detergent paste in an attempt to kill the worms that have invaded their farms and backyard gardens.
He said the detergent paste could also damage their maize and that they should get in touch with the District Agriculture Co-ordinator (DACO) for pesticides.
Capt Mulenga said the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unity (DMMU) has secured the right pesticides for eliminating the armyworms.
He was speaking during a conducted tour of some farms in Lusaka that have been invaded by armyworms.
Capt Mulenga warned that the use of Boom detergent paste and homemade sprays would destroy the crops and urged all the farmers to seek Government’s intervention.
Some farmers, mostly women, in Kasisi area are spraying their crops with Boom detergent paste in efforts to eliminate the pests.
Some of these farmers said in an interview that they are not aware that they needed to report the invasion to the DACO so that they could be helped.
Capt. Mulenga has urged the farmers to report any outbreak of armyworms.
“They [armyworms] are posing a big threat to food security in the country. They have come with such a force of mass destruction that has to be faced head on. We need to put more effort into eradicating the worms.” he said.



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