RTSA and Zambia Police to work in harmony


Transport and Communication Minister Brian Mushimba says plans to enter into an MoU on road patrols between the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) and Zambia Police are underway.

Mr. Mushimba says the MoU seeks to address the misunderstanding that arises between RTSA officers and Police officers in the enforcement of road safety in the Country.

He has disclosed to QTV News that his Ministry and that of Home Affairs are already in talks to see how the two law enforcement agencies will begin working in harmony.

Mr. Mushimba says in this talks what has also been discussed is the boundaries of the scope of mandate each of the two law enforcement agencies have.

He believes that there is no way that the RTSA and the Police can fail to work in harmony when both them are to ensure that road worth vehicles and trained drivers are on the Country’s roads.



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