More oppose extension of Lungu’s term

Kaizer Zulu and Edgar Lungu -Photo Credit- Zambiawatchdog

The Non Governmental Organisations’ Coordinating Council (NGOCC) has added its voice in opposing the proposal to extend the presidential term from five to seven years.

The NGOCC says it is vehemently opposed to this proposal because it will be a mutilation of the Republican Constitution which provides for only 5 years for anyone to hold the office of Presidency.

In a statement to QTV News NGOCC Executive Director Engwase Mwale says the proposal as was made by PF Central Committee member Paul Moonga is thus a highest display of arrogance.

Ms. Mwale says her organization does not by any standard find any justification whatsoever why President Edgar Lungu’s current term in office should be extended.

She says the NGOCC expects that President Lungu will not therefore tolerate such a proposal to have his term in office extended for another 2 years.

Ms. Mwale says the NGOCC thinks that such a proposal runs against the moral aspirations of the nation and the very spirit of the Country’s constitution.

She states that the NGOCC is appealing to President Lungu to defend the constitution which he swore to defend by curtailing any further debate about the said proposal.

Ms. Mwale has also appealed to well-meaning Members of Parliament to oppose any motion related to the proposal if it is ever brought in the House for debate.




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  2. For them to stand up with boldness and suggest this, it was a well planned move by the party. And they know that Zambian will not adhere to it instead its just a diversion ploy to move people’s attention away from issues like fuel price, loadsheding and other increasing commodity prices due to economic decision made by them. Instead of talking about economic issues you waist on tenure andvtime for them will be going.