Zambians advised not to allow extension of Lungu’s term

president lungu
president lungu

The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) says Zambians must not allow the proposal by Patriotic Front Member of the Central Committee Paul Moonga to increase the tenure of office for elected officials including the President to 7 years.

YALI Governance Advisor Isaac Mwanza says what should be advocated for is a reduction from the current five to 4 years.

Mr Mwanza has reminded the PF that the downfall of the MMD begun 10 years after being in power when the Third Term debate for late President Fredrick Chiluba started.

He notes that it appears the latest call to increase the tenure for elected officials is another such call, urging sober PF leaders and think tanks to reject such a call.

Mr. Mwanza has accused Mr. Moonga of trying to take the nation back to the time of the failed third-term bid which made the MMD unpopular and marked the beginning of its downfall.

And Electoral Expert McDonald Chipenzi has charged that PF central committee member Paul Moonga is being used to undermine the sound democratic process in the country.

Mr. Chipenzi says Mr. Moonga cannot in his right thinking propose an extension of the tenure of office for elected leaders.

He says Mr. Moonga was in the MMD and Misled former President Fredrick Chiluba to go for a third term and now wants to mislead President Edgar Lungu.

Mr. Chipenzi says President Lungu should not listen to Mr. Moonga, stating that what he is calling for is misplaced and misguided.

He says any attempt to temper with the tenure of office for elected leaders should be to reduce the term to four years and not extending.