RTSA urged to ban movement of public transport at night

Power Tools Bus
Power Tools Bus

The Accident Victims Association of Zambia (AVAZ) has appealed to the Road Traffic and Safety Agency (RTSA) to speed up measures aimed at stopping transportation of goods and passengers at night.

AVAZ Chairperson Maurice Kalimukwa says this measure will reduce fatigue in most drivers.

Mr. Kalimukwa his organization has learnt of the road traffic accident involving a Power Tools Bus travelling from Nakonde to Kitwe with a deep sense of sorrow and shock.

He says his organization is further saddened that rescue efforts by the Road Traffic and Safety Agency and the Zambia Police also turned into a tragedy.

He adds that the association will propose to the government through the awards and medals committee to have these gallant officers honored.
To the injured, Mr. Kalimukwa is wishing them speedy recovery and God‘s blessing.




  1. We have seen fatal accidents happening during the day,RATSA nids to workout even other measures

  2. I think there should be other ways and means found soonest by RTSA to reduce accidents rather than ban movement of public transport in the night. I foresee a situation that more accidents will be taking place during the day instead as roads will be overwhelmed by so many vehicles both public and private while others will be rushing to make profits during the loss of time and money they will have suffered on the ban and others will be rushing for work as in private vehicles. Perhaps RTSA should put guidelines for operators that operate in the night that they should strictly adhered to the latter like making these operators have two drivers and giving the buses a specific time to reach destination, where as either bus upon arrival reports to a RTSA agency based at point of destination, and other measures they feel transporters should meet. I dont think RTSA has exhausted all options in their sleeves to reach point of banning night movement but instaed create more congestion and accidents during the day!