Quotes from HH

HH, GBM Grey Mountain Luanshya
HH, at a Grey Mountain in Luanshya through crushing stones ,,

“We live in a global village. If this country goes aflame, it affects everybody.” – HH

“Let us not be divided by falsehoods and lose a beautiful country” – HH

“If somebody wants to destroy our country because he has to capacity to run the country. He wants us to fight” – HH

“We must work together to end that thuggery” – HH

“It is our duty to carry this nation, to wrestle it away from negative elements, thuggery in our markets, in bus stops, work places” – HH

“The only division that is there is between those with a vision and those without vision” – HH

“I want to thank everybody for being here, journalists please deliver the message. I know your constraint” – HH

“I am calling each one of you to take responsibility to keep this country together.” – HH

“If an election is stolen, we did not choose to go in the street, we chose to go to court” – HH

“We need the rule of law to apply to everybody” – HH

“I want to say to you people of Zambia, let us be each others keeper. Let us not listen to this ethnicity talk.” – HH

“We do not seek favours, we seek justice” – HH