GBM comments on custody of election material rulling

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The application for custody and preservation of election materials to be detained by the court under the Registrar of the Constitutional Court came up for ruling this afternoon

The court said The ECZ has jurisdiction to have custody of election materials. .

The ruling was delivered by the Constitutional Court.

The court also ruled that it has power to have jurisdiction of property under many statutory obligations.

The UPND lawyers had stated that the ECZ cannot be entrusted with election materials because the ECZ is a party to the proceedings before the court.

To avoid speculation please note that the Court has declined our applications to secure election materials.

This means ECZ can continue dealing with them as it deems fit provided it does so within the confines of the law.

More importantly the Court has confirmed that in its understanding hearing and determination do not mean the same thing.

Friday the real drama begins as the refusal of the application is but a minor set back.

The ruling in the application to have amendments on the main petition will take place tomorrow. We wish to inform our members that Court did not sit this morning.

The matter in which we sought to make amendments will be heard tomorrow, and all preliminary issues will be heard at 8.30hrs contrary to the information circulating by those who are fearing what they know they did during the 11th August elections. We are on firm grounds and we have a good case.continue praying for our gallant lawyers